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If there was one thing that was proven to boost confidence, increase success, and improve future relationships, wouldn’t you want it? Of course you would! Orthodontic care gives you the opportunity to straighten your teeth and improve your bite. It truly is an investment in yourself and has never been easier or more affordable. Let us show you how we can make a bright smile and a bright future possible.

It seems that middle schoolers everywhere are commiserating about their teeth

Why does orthodontic care seem to be a rite of passage for our middle schoolers?

Starting around age 10, the last remaining baby teeth begin to loosen and permanent teeth replace them. By 12, most if not all permanent teeth are in the mouth.

This conveniently corresponds with the pubertal growth spurt. During this time, you’ll notice your child growing significantly in height. The jaws are also a part of this rapid growth. The presence of permanent teeth coordinated with jaw growth allow the maximum amount of input on both the dental and orthopedic components of orthodontic treatment.

In other words, it’s during this time of great change that Drs. Vincent and Bullwinkel are able to best mold their teeth and jaws into functional smiles and bites.

Our goal at Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics is to provide the most effective and efficient treatment. We take pride in properly timing treatment so your kids have braces on for as LITTLE TIME AS POSSIBLE.

For the vast majority of people, this is right around the middle school years. There are many issues and challenges that can be addressed much more simply and effectively during this time period versus waiting until even just high school.

Orthodontic Care

When properly done, orthodontic treatment does more than straighten your teeth; it addresses the function of your bite. Alignment of your bite can physically relieve stress and discomfort that may be felt in your muscle and teeth.

Straight teeth do more than give you a pretty smile, they can help prolong the life of your teeth. There are so many treatment options available that can fit into your lifestyle and budget. Let Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics see what we can do to ensure healthy teeth to last a lifetime.

Giving Your Child a Beautiful Smile

Today’s world is incredibly competitive. Everyone is trying to find an edge to stand out from the crowd.

Did you know people with attractive smiles are promoted more often and are more successful than their counterparts? Studies show that people with attractive smiles are perceived as 45% more likely to get a job, 58% more likely to be successful, and 59% more likely to be wealthy.

We all want to give our kids the best jump-start on life. We research the best schools, spend hours at endless sporting events, and nag them to do their homework.

In all the craziness of school-aged life, don’t neglect to address their smile. Going through life with crooked teeth not only inhibits the function of your teeth, but affects their confidence and self-image. Having a beautiful smile gives teens the confidence they need to tackle life’s challenges and aspire to accomplish their dreams.

for teens
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