Maxillary Skeletal Expanders (MSE)

What is MSE orthodontics?

What is MSE in orthodontics? Maxillary Skeletal Expanders (MSE) is an orthodontic appliance that's an alternative to avoid extensive surgical procedures. MSE is a non-surgical device for adults with a narrowed, high-angle palate, or upper and lower jaw discrepancy.

How does the MSE work?

MSE has revolutionized how orthodontists can correct the occlusion. It will expand your palate re-establishing the maxillary jaw width. By losing the width of our upper jaw, we narrowed the nasal passages, created less room for the tongue and our airways became constricted. MSE can improve airway and create a wider palate for the tongue to rest. It can help patients' breathing.  It can also correct a crossbite, create space for crowded teeth, and create a beautiful and healthy smile.

What is the MSE process?

  1. Consultation: Our doctor will evaluate your records and discuss all the treatment options. Our treatment coordinator will discuss all the costs involved.
  2. We will fabricate the MSE and place it in the roof of your mouth, attaching it to the palate with 4 small screws. We will make sure the process is comfortable.
  3. We will instruct how to turn the expander at home.
  4. As you turn the key, the palate should expand. We will regularly evaluate the expansion. You may notice a space between the front 2 teeth that closes once orthodontic treatment continues. Some MSE wearers also notice a slight change in the structure of their face. As the bones in the palate move outward, they push the cheekbones out ever so slightly.
  5. Additional appliances like Invisalign, Clear Aligners or braces will be necessary to close the space and align the teeth. Orthodontic treatment can also help with any crowding, or bite problems that exist in conjunction with a narrow maxilla (upper jaw).
maxillary skeletal expanders mse
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