What Sets Us Apart

More than Just a Smile

Give yourself or your child the GIFT OF A LIFETIME: a SMILE set up for future success. And let’s have fun while we’re at it!

You know that braces or Invisalign® can give you straight teeth and a better smile. But did you realize how much a better smile can improve your confidence, as well as change how other people see you? From studies, we know that people with great smiles are seen as better looking, more successful, kinder, and even smarter!

And when you have a smile that you are confident about, you smile more — and smiling stimulates your brain to feel happier. Not to mention that having a correct bite helps your teeth to last over a lifetime.

We have seen personalities change and blossom as people get the smile they have always wanted! Even if you think the change you want is small, feeling confident pays dividends that continue over a lifetime. Whether for yourself or your child, the investment in a beautiful smile is one you’ll never regret or get tired of.

A Different Kind of Orthodontic Practice

Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics is your trusted practice in the Charleston Lowcountry. For more than 30 years, Dr. Vincent, Dr. Bullwinkel and our team have been creating Charleston’s most beautiful smiles. We’re looking forward to helping you achieve that gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.

Unparalleled Experience

Dr. Vincent and Dr. Bullwinkel have crafted more than 10,000 uniquely beautiful, engaging smiles! Their experience and commitment to continually learning and staying abreast of new techniques and technology will ensure your orthodontic experience has you smiling.

At Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics, we make you our top priority. Our focus is on your unique needs, desires, and concerns, and we are always respectful of your situation. Dr. Vincent and Dr. Bullwinkel will use their unique experience and insights to develop a care approach that fits your individual concerns.

Your orthodontic treatment will be comfortable and efficient, and will provide you with a lifetime of confident, beautiful smiles!

An Unrivaled Team

Each member of the Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics team is excited to meet you. Between us, we have more than 100 years of combined orthodontic experience: our skills, knowledge, and personalities complement one another and, together, we’ll soon have you sharing your new smile!

Our goal is for you to feel like part of our family. We’ll keep you informed, engaged, and excited about treatment. At Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics, we care about you as a person and will take time to learn who you are, so your experience with us is remarkable, unique, and pleasurable.

Treatment Philosophy

At Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics, we consider orthodontics to be more than a cosmetic service; it’s also a health science. Dr. Vincent, Dr. Bullwinkel and our team will provide you with not only the most attractive smile, but one that is healthy, stable, and functional.

Our goal is to provide you with a smile that will last a lifetime. By undergoing a comprehensive diagnostic process for each and every patient, we are able to achieve superior, long-term treatment results consistently and predictably.

Although you may be seeking purely cosmetic results, Dr. Vincent and Dr. Bullwinkel want your smile to last. They will develop a unique care plan that not only addresses your aesthetic goals, but provides stability and health as well, yet protects your investment of time and energy.

If you’re ready to change your life by changing your smile, Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics is ready to help. Call and schedule a complimentary consultation at our Charleston, SC office today!

what sets us apart
put a little joy in your smile

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