GLO® Teeth Whitening

GLO teeth whitening can give you the whitest, brightest smile with flexible options to whiten in our dental office or the comfort of your own home. The best part about GLO? In clinical studies, none of the patients who used the GLO Science whitening system experienced painful “zingers” commonly associated with other professional teeth-whitening procedures.

In-Office Whitening

  • Fast appointments using patented GLO technology with the most dramatic results and little to no sensitivity
  • In-office treatments are fast and don’t use impressions or messy trays. In about a half an hour, your teeth can be up to five times whiter!

Take-Home Whitening

  • You can use professional GLO technology in the comfort of your home, or for ongoing maintenance of your white smile after in-office whitening. Simply charge your GLO device, attach the mouthpiece, apply the whitening gel, and you’re good to GLO! At-home whitening with GLO takes just eight minutes!

On-the-Go Whitening

  • Brush on our safe whitening agent anytime, anywhere, for the newest and easiest way to whiten on the go. Forget about strips, trays, and sensitivity!

What makes GLO so special?

“GLO”: Guided Light Optic Technology

GLO’s patented mouthpiece combines LED light and heat resistors in a closed device. With each application, the mouthpiece warms up to the optimal temperature to accelerate and activate the whitening gel for quicker, more efficient results. You get optimal whitening results without the sensitivity!

G-Vial Whitening Gel Delivery System

The patented GLO Whitening G-Vial has a unique brush tip that allows for a precise application that targets only the teeth. The uniquely formulated gel stays on the teeth and does not transfer onto the soft tissue and gums, which are often more sensitive than teeth.

glo teeth whitening
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